Vibrating Kegel balls with aesthetic wireless vibroconsole SuperNova (Infinite)

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  • Brend Le Frivole
  • Include

    In the set:
    · vibrator
    - USB magnetic chargins cable
    - branded bag
    - manual

  • Collection INFINITE
  • Category Vaginal balls
  • Packaging

    carton box

  • Country of design

    The Russian Federation

  • Country of origin


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  • Material



Vibrating Kegel balls with aesthetic wireless vibroconsole SuperNova (Infinite) Size of balls: Common length: 15,9см, Diameter: 3,5см, Size of massger`s console: Common length: 9см, Max width: 3,8см 1. Magnetic charging, 2.Rechargable accumulator, 3. Absolutely waterproof, 4. 8 unique programms of vibration, 5. 2 toys as a unit, 6. 100% safe silicon, 7. Noiseless and powerful, 8. Brand-name bag for keeping, 9. 1 hour of work – 1 hour of charge. Close your eyes and count until tree. One, Two depths of cosmic orgasms with SuperNova shakers already here. The supernova explosion is the release of a huge amount of energy and the birth of a new star. Vibro shaker absorbed it is a several toys in one; for training muscles, and for massage of erogenous zones. Manage every orgasm. Thanks to a convenient control panel that can resonate with balls on one of the eight waves or use them separately from each other. Know the new facets of feelings beyond the familiar surroundings! Be unique play with Supernova

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